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Adelita Bar Reviews

The Adelita Bar in Tijuana Mexico opened its doors in 1962 as an authentic cantina in Tijuana Mexico and since then many people have had their opinion of the place so we have collected the best Adelita Bar Reviews for your reading pleasure. Please keep in mind that it quickly became the the #1 tourist bar in Tijuana for a reason...
adelitas bar tijuana mexico

Adelitas Bar Presents: Tijuana Girls Webcams Reviews

Zona Norte in Tujuana, is known for Tijuana girl hookers, sexy Tijuana girls, strip-clubs, bars and cheap hotels, but it is so much more that just that and we want to give you just a tease of what to expect here in TJ and see why Adelita Bar quickly became the the #1 tourist bar in Tijuana Mexico.

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Adelita Bar Review Provided by:

Getting Laid Better At Adelita Bar

What's described above is what I see happen at least 80% of the time, but it's not how I operate. If you want better sessions, I recommend paying closer attention to your target, how she responds to others and how she responds to you.

It's usually pretty easy to spot who is more likely to try to satisfy her customer and who is trying to turn around as many as possible. If you see a girl blow off guys that try to talk to her more than a minute, that's usually a bad sign.

Adelita Bar Girls that ask if you want to go upstairs before asking your name or how you are doing are usually ones you want to avoid.

I almost always invite the girl to sit down for a drink. It'll usually cost you $8 (more if you sit for a while), but it's a good time to get more information and gauge her response to you.

Physical touch is usually a good sign, the more intimate, the better.

Fast drinking is usually a bad sign, as is ordering more expensive drinks such as straight hard liquor or Red Bull.

There are always exceptions, but the list above should be good for the majority of girls.

If you get a bad feeling about a girl or are simply not interested in one that approaches you, don't feel bad about declining their offer or changing your mind. It's business for the girls and they fully expect it.

Others probably have more and better tips, and I'm not even including a lot of the things I do and look for, but this is a good starting point for beginners. I have a pretty good record at getting good sessions, even at extracting good ones from girls with poor reputations, but the strategy and screening I employ is more of a personal thing and has been developed with experience over the years. If you enjoy Tijuana and want to return with the hope of getting consistently good sessions, your best bet is to pay attention and participate in discussions on sites such as ClubHombre. [Read more of this Adelita Bar Review]

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Adelita Bar Review Provided by:

nanchi - San Diego, posts: 23, reviews: 4

"Fun night spots with dancing girls"
March 02, 2008, 12:41 PM

Just got back from two nights bar-hopping in the Coahila zone. There are lots of cantinas with dancing girls.

First stop was Las Adelitas, where there were at least 50 ladies dancing, sitting and talking. You can sit at the side of the stage, where you will be constatnly prompted to give the dancer a dollar tip, or there are tables farther back, or you can sit at the bar. Beer is $7.00, and if you buy a lady a drink, it costs $8.00, even if it is only a glass of water.

The Adelita Bar Girls are all beautiful, Mexicanas, Chinese, Japanese, someone for everyone. They will come to you and chat, but be prepared to buy a drink because they don't waste any time. After all, they are working.

Next was Hong Kong, where the girls dance on the bar, and also at the tables. This is a good place to get to know the dancers up close and personal without spending tons of money. There were probably around 30 women at this spot. The music is heavy metal.

El tigre is more reasonalble in price. The choice of dancers is limited, but for $11.00 you get two drinks and a plate of ham and cheese snacks. A private dance (behind curtains) is $20.00, and you can choose that if you see a dancer you like.

Las Chavelas is another spot, pretty ladies and time to talk. The drinks there were $6.00 for customers and the girls alike.

El tigre has mixed drinks for two for $6.00, but you have to ask for that special at the door. The seating is arranged around the dance stage, and the ladies come sit with you.

A private dance (behind curtains) is $20.00, and you can choose that if you meet a dancer you like.

All of the dancers are available for more than dancing for between $60.00 and $100.00. Condoms are supplied and a secure area. You don't have to worry about being robbed, just watch your money. Your safety is important to good business.[Read more of this Adelita Bar Review]


Adelita Bar Review Provided by:

by Seasoned Pro

Adelita Bar is a good place to start your hunt for some TJ honey. You can either have a seat and watch the ladies walk by or stroll the floor until you see something that you like. I prefer to walk the club, make sure you take a stroll around the dance floor in the back. The women's room is located to the right as soon as you enter the club. Not a bad place to sit because every girl will either pass you on her way up to the room or on her way to the restroom. The best girls are usually always working so if you don't see what you like when you first walk in wait a bit and take another stroll. Most ladies will be up in the room for about 30 minutes. Another great place to really see the ladies is outside in front of the hotel entrance. You can usually find a spot on the sidewalk in front of the hotel and watch the girls walk the men up the stairs. This has many advantages, first the lighting is better and often they look different outside then under those dark red lights in the bar. Second you can take note of the minor things like the guys expression when he comes back down. Time them and see how long she spends in the room. Some girls average 12 minutes and some then others stay longer then the 30 minutes. I think a girl that walks you back down the stairs and sends the guy off with a kiss is a good sign too. Alejandra the dancer who is pictured is also rated with several other ladies on the RATINGS pages. She id firm about $60 which is about $20 higher then most of the other girls. Remember she is the dancer, has a great body and actually is very friendly. The downside is that she does not perform oral and she's not the most passionate lady there. Looks often don't come hand in hand with performance, Check out the ratings and spend a little time before hand getting a feel for a girl. Many girls accept $40 and the most expensive will ask for $70 without the room. Remember to always ask what that includes, such as oral and if the oral is with a condom. Often the price she quotes does not include the $10 for the room, so ask if her price includes the room. They do provide condoms, not the best ones so I suggest you stop in San Diego at a Longs drugs store and get some Kimono condoms. They are some of the best, great fit and pretty durable. They also make a Micro thin model which is only recommended for the little guys, they are more apt to break. [Read more of this Adelita Bar Review]


Adelita Bar Review Provided by:

unico_nocturno - 05 Star Rating

"RE: Tijuana - going by yourself and Adelita's bar?"
Has anyone been to the Adelita Bar in Tijuana? How hot are the girls there? Is it safe to go to Tijuana by yourself... i am 20 years old and i'm male. Should i go? I want to score a hot girl...

FIRST: The ability to speak Spanish, is not necessary, but it helps a lot, in making sure you get the best prices and to get what you pay for. I recommend taking someone with you who is familiar with Tijuana, or at least speaks good Spanish. Stay away from the guys who speak excellent English, and want to be your "Amigo". Most of them at one time, were legal U.S. residents, but were deported after committing felonies. They can be a useful source of information, but get the information, tip them a dollar or 2 and ditch them. They will want to follow you around. Get rid of them. You can always find another one of them later, if you need more information.

Adelita's is nice. The first person to answer this question was very accurate. However, what he mentioned about extra for oral, or missionary, or to take the her top off, or whatever. Just make it VERY CLEAR, EVERYTHING you want and how you want it, and discuss the price for your wants, before hand. Again, Spanish is helpful for this.

Stick to the Bars:
You might be VERY tempted by the VERY VERY YOUNG girls that you see on the streets, that want only, 20 dollars. However, what the first person to answer you said about extra for different things applies 100 percent to all of them. They charge extra for everything that goes beyond simply dropping their drawers, and bending over. Also, that 20 dollars is for EXACTLY 15 minutes, not a second more. The hotel clerk that you have to pay 5 dollars to, for the room, will be at your door in EXACTLY 15 minutes to say your time is up.

Also, the girls that work in the bars, all have health cards issued from a local government medical facility. The ones on the street usually do not have that health card. {ONE OF THE ADVANTAGES OF LEGAL PROSTITUTION. THE GOVERNMENT CAN REGULATE THE INDUSTRY AND REQUIRE HEALTH CARDS.}

I recommend, walking around for a while (in the daylight hours) to familiarize yourself with the red light district which, is where Adelita's is. Stick your head in all the doors, look around the inside of the bar. See if there are any girls that you might like, remember the name of the bar, and keep checking out all the other bars & clubs. Look for the bars that have fewer clientèle. You have a better chance of:

1} getting the girl to go back to your room with you. This is good, because it gives you a little bit more control, and you do not have to pay for the room at the hotel where the bar is located.

2} You have a better chance of getting a little bit better price, because you are not competing for the same girl that other guys, are also interested in, and you will probably be the only guy to do her, for at least that day.

3} The girls are more likely to be willing to do ALMOST anything you want, (again, make it clear what your wants are} without charging extra. A few, will not do oral, & most will not take it up the butt.

4} Because you know where she works, she is less likely to run out of the room with your pants, and all your money.

About safety issues:

Stay in well lit areas within, the area where the bars are. There are a lot of cops in these areas, and none to the worst crime is likely to occur. Pick-pockets are a possibility though. {Go into the non-business oriented, residential areas and you are asking for problems.} Also, stay off of the street called "Revolución" It is a safe area, but it is the proverbial tourist trap. All the pick-pockets are there, all the highest prices are there, and the bars on Revolución are a good place to get ripped off.

Divide your money up into different locations. I put the different denominations in different pockets. Avoid putting money in your front pockets, this is where they usually look. Leave anything and everything that you do not need, back in your room or your car. [Read more of this Adelita Bar Review]


Adelita Bar Review Provided by:

SeekerOfPoon - Member since 31-Jul-08, 3676 posts, 20 feedbacks, 39 points 30-Apr-10, 08:44 PM (PST)

"RE: New Website-Adelita Bar Tijuana" - In response to message #3

There are definitely a few stunners who work Adelita - but they are usually nothing special for performance. A prime example - a lady who goes by the name of Smith.
Another stunner, who is actually quite a bit better performer, and is actually a sweetheart, is a lady by the name of Sonia from Guadalajara who also works at AB. But I liked her even better when she was working the street at the corner of Articulo 123 and Constitution 5-6 years ago. She is the only TJ ho I have ever tried to "rescue" and turn into an honest woman several years back. Unfortunately she can do much better than a fat old guy like me.

About 8-10 years ago there was a lady who worked the Chicago Club and later Adelita who looked like a cross between Cindy Crawford and Katherine Zeta Jones. Best looking chica I have ever fucked - and it only cost me $60 plus 10 for the room. Too bad she vanished from the scene. [Read more of this Adelita Bar Review]


Adelita Bar Review Provided by:

December 31, 2010 • Ratings: Physical Club: 9 • Dancer Quality: 7 • Dollar Value: 10 • Overall Rating: 8.67 Visited on: Thursday Evening • Dancers on Shift: 11-25

Alecg8 • For my first time at this club. I decided to ease in and watch the dancers for a couple hours. They are all incredibly beautiful and before long I was super hard and ready to go. A few girls had walked up to me, but I was not ready yet so I did not go up with them. When I was ready to go, a beautiful dark Latina woman grabbed my hands playfully and led me to the hotel next door. Without going into specific detail let me just say that it was one of the most exciting nights of my life. In love with this club and will be back soon!

December 12, 2010 • Ratings: Physical Club: 9 • Dancer Quality: 6 • Dollar Value: 10 • Overall Rating: 8.33 Visited on: Unknown Evening • Dancers on Shift: 6-10

junkyjay • Stopped by on a weeknight. $5 cab ride from the border. Only a handful of patrons and 3x as many lovely females. Always a good selection of ladies. Ordered a whiskey and water and within 5 minutes had attention from 5 potential girls. A... [Read more of this Adelita Bar Review]

Adelita Bar
#1841 Calle Coahuila
(Zona Norte)
Tijuana, Mexico
+52 (664) 685-3580