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Adelita TJ Mexico - Adelita Bar TJ Mexico - Adelitas Bar TJ Mexico

Adelita TJ Mexico opened its doors in 1962 as an authentic cantina in Tijuana Mexicoand it quickly became the the #1 tourist bar in Tijuana Mexico's Zona Norte by providing Adult entertainment with sexy exotic latina dancers and beautiful mexican girls for that erotic experience, the sensual lap dances, the girlfriend experience, drinking beers and eating food with the girl of your choice and happy endings. We are your source for information about the legendary Adelita Bar in Tijuana, Baja California.

As stated on, there are a number of bars in Tijuana Mexico where you may find girls willing to have sex for money, Adelita Bar is the best. All girls working out of Adelita TJ Mexico are willing escorts, while some of the other bars have anywhere from a few to a majority of "ficheras", girls who only work for tips from dances and commissions they receive from drinks bought by their customers. For beginners who do not care to sift through the ficheras and escorts, I recommend sticking to Adelita TJ Mexico.

Adelita TJ Mexico

The Adelitas Bar is the largest and more popular of any other bar in Tijuana Mexico. From the outside you'll see a few male employees hanging outside, one with a clipboard to track the comings and goings of the girls. You're likely to see couples walking to and from the bar entrance to a set of stairs to the right. These stairs lead to the Hotel Coahuila, the standard hotel to do business from Adelitas Bar. In the evening and sometimes the day, you may see anywhere from a few to a large crowd of guys standing in front of the entrances, casually observing who comes and goes. A number of taxi drivers will also be standing in front. Once past the red curtains, you'll be facing a dance floor raised one step above the ground with a silver dancer's pole three quarters towards the back of the stage. Red booths surround the dance floor and are scattered throughout the rest of the bar. The main bar is along the right wall past the girls bathroom and in front of smaller dance floor in the back right corner. A second bar lies to the left of the main dance floor, to the right of another small dance floor against the left wall, and in front of the guy's bathroom in the back right corner. A big screen TV will be straight ahead along the back wall.

Adelita TJ Mexico opens sometime in the late morning, but there are usually no girls until after noon. A decent crowd will probably not form until two or three in the afternoon. The bar will not close until around five or six in the morning. Happy Hunting!

adelitas bar tijuana mexico

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Zona Norte in Tujuana, is known for Tijuana girl hookers, sexy Tijuana girls, strip-clubs, bars and cheap hotels, but it is so much more that just that and we want to give you just a tease of what to expect here in TJ and see why Adelita Bar quickly became the the #1 tourist bar in Tijuana Mexico.

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adelita tj mexico

Adelita TJ Mexico Nightlife

Tijuana Mexico attracts a lot of tourists daily. Tijuana’s nightlife is very popular among US youth, who cross the border to drink alcohol prior to their 21st birthday (Mexico's legal drinking age is 18). Most of the nightlife in Tijuana Mexico takes place on Avenida Revolucion, which has hundreds of bars, discos and nightclubs. Adelita Bar Tijuana Mexico absorbs some of this tourist traffic because of the amount of male toursits loooking for fun and a good time with the girls working out of Adelita TJ Mexico

Avenida Revolucion is also famous for its nearby redlight district "La Coahuila" (also known casually as ‘Zona Norte’) which boasts a large number of street prostitutes as well as a large selection of strip clubs. La Coahuila is filled with brothels, strip clubs and illegal drugs. Tijuana Mexico municipality permits whorehouses in this region as do many other regions in Mexico. Prostitution is permitted in Tijuana's North Zonealso called as the “tolerance zone”. Well known places of this area are based around Adelita TJ Mexico

Adelita Bar
#1841 Calle Coahuila
(Zona Norte)
Tijuana, Mexico
+52 (664) 685-3580